Chapter 8: What to Do When You Slip

Let’s be honest here. We all slip up on our diets. It’s impossible to be perfect 100% of the time. You might give in to the chocolate cake you see at the restaurant. Or you might be super stressed and just want some fried chicken. Maybe you’re too comfortable on the couch to go for a walk today. Just remember that the slip isn’t the problem. The problem only occurs if you’re not able to get back up from falling.

Here are some tips for you if you slip:

  1. Talk back to negative thoughts with positive thoughts. Negative thoughts can be your worst enemy. Talk back. Yell if you have to. Shout, “I’m not a failure because I’ve slipped. I can get back up.”
  2. Ask yourself what went wrong. Learn from your slip, so you can avoid it in the future.
  3. Regain control the very next time you can. Don’t tell yourself you’ve failed for the day. Make sure the very next meal is healthy. Or the very next snack is a fruit.
  4. Talk to someone supportive. Call your family or friends who are there for you. Commit yourself to renewed effort.
  5. Focus on all of the positive changes you’ve made. Think about all the time you spent reading these articles. All of the dietary changes you’ve made. All of the weight you’ve lost so far.

Sometimes our slips become a pattern. If this happens, think about what caused the problem. For instance, let’s say that you’ve started eating cookies every afternoon. What caused this sudden change that has become daily?

Ok, so you saw the cookies on the counter, so you went for them? What about before that. What caused you to go for the cookies? You came home tires, upset, and hungry? There are a few questions that I have now, but I’ll start with. Why were you upset and tired? Your boss was very critical and stressed you out. You also skipped lunch because you were very rushed and busy.

There we have it. So there are a few ways we can fix this problem. The first is that you can pack a quick bag lunch for days you can’t eat a set lunch. You can talk with your boss about your stress, take a break when you’re stressed, or talk to a co-worker for support. When you get home, you can go for a walk to unwind. And finally, you can hide the cookies out of sight or not buy cookies. And keep fruit in sight.

Think about what you can do to stay on track after you slip. What will you do when you slip? If slips become habit, how will you change them?

Let’s move on to Chapter 9: How to Manage Stress!

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