Chapter 6: Healthy Fats

The thing that sets the Mediterranean Diet a part from other diets is the focus on healthy fats. You should eat foods with lots of good fats each day. This is because foods high in fat are more filling than other foods. This will stop you from binge eating when you get hungry. Eating too much healthy fat can cause you to add weight as well. So the goal is to eat 2 to 4 servings of foods high in healthy fats a day.

Eating 2 to 4 servings of fats gives you a lot of choices for how you want to eat. Let’s breakdown some of your options for eating this healthy fat.

  1. Let’s say that you aren’t a fan of meats or fried foods. You could get a serving of healthy fat from a handful of nuts. You could eat a salad with 1 to 2 tablespoons of healthy salad dressing. You could eat a quarter of an avocado. Or you could saute a variety of vegetables using one tablespoon of olive oil.
  2. Let’s say you really love fried foods. A serving of fried shrimp (3 ounces) would give you 2 servings of healthy fat, if you fried it with canola or peanut oil. You would get one serving of healthy fat from the shrimp. And one serving of healthy fat from the frying.
  3. What if you struggle to eat a healthy lunch each day? You could make a turkey and cheese sandwich and add 1 tablespoon of mayonnaise. Remember to use whole-grain bread.
  4. If you’re always hungry before lunch, try adding 1 or two servings of your healthy fat to breakfast. You could add almonds to your cereal or oatmeal. You could also toast bread and add a tablespoon of trans-fat free margarine spread.

That’s just a few examples. This diet offers a ton of flexibility. It lets you to choose how you want to tackle your day. You just have to think about what you need. If you get hungry throughout the day, then you should be using your healthy fat servings evenly on every meal. You could eat 1 serving of healthy fat food for breakfast and lunch and two servings for dinner. If you are trying to lose weight and find that you don’t have much of an appetite, you can aim for two servings of healthy fat foods a day.

Let’s move on to Chapter 7: Take Charge of Your Surroundings!


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