Prediabetes, Diabetes, and Heart Health Lifestyle Guide

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Welcome to our prediabetes, diabetes, and heart health lifestyle guide. Our goal is simple. We want to make it easy for you to take charge of your health. Basically, we want to help you balance your lifestyle. Everything found in this guide is proven to reduce your risks of heart disease and diabetes or prevent it from becoming worse. It is also proven to lower your weight and help you manage sodium. This free guide is a combination of the Diabetes Prevention Program and the Mediterranean Diet . To get the most results you have to follow the advice to the letter. Each chapter has plenty of great advice for avoiding food high in unhealthy fat, staying active, and managing stress.

Essential Health Guide!

Chapter 1: Balance your Lifestyle
Chapter 2: How to Be Active
Chapter 3: How to Eat Healthy
Chapter 4: Best Ways to Lose Weight
Chapter 5: Mediterranean Diet
Chapter 6: Healthy Fats
Chapter 7: Take Charge of Your Surroundings
Chapter 8: What to Do When You Slip
Chapter 9: How to Manage Stress
Chapter 10: Quitting Smoking
Chapter 11: Stay Motivated to Be Healthy

Miscellaneous Articles

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