Top 15 Vegetables

  1. Eggplant is one of the most underappreciated healthy vegetables you can get. It has a subtle taste that melds well with anything and has a smooth texture.
  2. Greens: Collard, mustard, turnip- We all know about greens. These leaves are a staple in nearly every Southern household. You can boil them or you can slow cook them. They are done when the leaves are tender.
  3. Broccoli: Broccoli is a very fast and easy, healthy vegetable to prepare. If you don’t feel like spending much time on side dishes just throw broccoli into a pot of boiling water.
  4. Corn: Corn can be eaten as a vegetable or grain, although they are technically classified as a fruit. Weird huh? Corn can be boiled for about 8 minutes or baked in its husk for about 30 minutes. Baking corn produces a sweeter taste, but takes much longer.
  5. Green beans are magical healthy vegetables in that they can be sautéed, roasted or boiled. If you like yours crisp then cook it a little less. Some people will cook green beans for hours to get the perfect amount of tenderness.
  6. Spinach is notorious for shrinking when cooked. That added to its cost make it something that most people won’t buy. I like to use it in salads to break up the monotony of eating lettuce.
  7. Squash is another healthy vegetable that doesn’t get its due diligence. I think it is because people are afraid of them. The best way to handle squash is to roast or slow cook it until tender.
  8. Potatoes are the king of side dish vegetables. You can use them for roasted potatoes, boiled potatoes, baked potatoes, mashed potatoes, and dumplings. Whatever you choose is bound to be amazing.
  9. Sweet potatoes have many of the same abilities as regular potatoes. The key difference in terms of cooking is that sweet potatoes are much tougher and require a longer cook time.
  10. Kale can be prepared the same ways as other greens, but it also has a feature that other greens do not. Because it is so thin, it can be roasted into a chip. Kale chips are yummy, healthy alternatives for French fries.
  11. Tomatoes are the king of fruit-vegetables, in my opinion. They are extremely versatile and can be used to make barbeque sauces, pasta sauces, slow cooked meats, and vegetable soups. Make sure to keep tomatoes on hand if you like to use the slow cooker.
  12. Carrots are another example of a versatile healthy vegetable. My personal favorite way to prepare carrots is to candy them with ginger.
  13. You’re not Southern if you haven’t at least heard of okra. Okra has a mucus like covering when cooked, so it can be unappealing to many. I like to use it in stews, so that okra is a natural thickener. You can also roast it if you prefer.
  14. Cabbage is another staple healthy vegetable. The best way to prepare it is to boil it for at least 30 minutes. Resist the urge to add a ham hock though!
  15. Brussel Sprouts are a healthy vegetable you don’t typically hear much about down South, but they are very tasty. They look like miniature cabbages. You can get them from any food store.
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