Pick Your Own Food

I am a huge fan of pick your own farms. Every May I rush to the nearest strawberry farm to eat all of the strawberries that I come across. I do the same thing once blueberry season starts. Pick your own farms are everywhere in the South, but most people don’t fully utilize them. The fruit are usually tastier than store-bought, it’s cheaper than store-bought, and it is a fun family outing. You’d be surprised at the sheer number of pick your own farms in your area.

Why Pick Your Food?

This actually brings me to another important point. Seasonal fruits and vegetables are the way to go! You should try to shop for seasonal produce for a number of reasons. The reasons that directly affect you are that seasonal produce is usually cheaper, it is at its tastiest, and it has gone through much less processing than produce that isn’t in season, so it has more nutrients. Reasons that don’t affect you directly, but you should care about include supporting local farmers and your community and saving Earth’s resources by reducing the energy costs required for transportation and storage of produce.

Where to Pick Produce

Now that I’ve convinced you of the greatness of seasonal produce and U-pick farms, it is time I show you how to find them. Here is the link to determine which fruits and vegetables are in season. Here is the link to find a pick your own farm in your area. To be honest, the pick your own website is a bit difficult to navigate, but if you can stick it out long enough to find a farm in your area then you’ll enjoy the sweetest produce year-round.

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