Fatty Foods That We Love

1. Bacon is amazing. It can be crunchy or chewy, savory or sweet. But no matter what bacon is always fatty. Bacon can be as much as 50% fat. Imagine the top half of your bacon as protein and the bottom half as pure fat. It is a scary thought.

2. Pork ribs are incredibly fatty. They are typically about 20% fat. It doesn’t seem like much compared to the bacon, but remember how much bigger ribs are than bacon.

3. Biscuits are legendary down south, but they also have the tendency to be loaded with fat. The key is to make your own to minimize the butters, lard, or other oils manufacturers and restaurants put in them. Bojangles biscuits for example are about 280 calories total for one. About 126 of those calories are coming from fat. That’s 45%.

4. Fried foods! I love fried chicken, fried catfish, and fried green tomatoes as much as any Southerner, but we really should avoid them. The act of frying coats whatever is being fried in fat.

5. Pork rinds. These delicacies are incredibly fatty. I mean they are literally fried pig skin. I can’t think of many things that are more artery clogging.

6. Hotdogs are a staple grill food, but they have a ton of unhealthy things going for them. They are about 25% fat and they are loaded with sodium. Same goes for sausage.

7. Mayonnaise is a pretty polarizing topic. You either love it or you hate it. If you’ve ever made mayo then you know that it is literally oil whisked into egg yolks with some spices thrown in. Thus it is more than 80% fat. There are light varieties of mayo that you can try if you must have it.

8. Almost any Paula Deen recipe! She is an amazing cook, but a stick of butter for 4 servings of grits… I think not.

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