Best Fruits for Large Families

There are plenty of fruits for large families out there. With a little bit of creativity and know-how, you can succeed in getting healthy fruits for your family.

Watermelon is huge. It lasts forever and feeds plenty. And it is pretty cheap for how much it weighs.

Pineapple looks scary to handle, but it is actually pretty simple. Most pineapples come with instruction cards to help you prepare them. Dice them up and put them in a large bowl and then you can eat it for days.

Apples can be hit or miss depending on where you are. In really rural areas, apples can be $0.99 cents a pound or less. In more affluent areas like Chapel Hill, apples can be upwards of $2.00 dollars a pound.

Clementines are amazing for people with kids. They peel easily, they’re sweet, and you don’t have to worry about the white pulp attached to it.

Clementines can be expensive though. If you can’t afford them, you can never go wrong with juicy, Florida oranges. There is a reason that orange juice brands proudly show off their use of Florida oranges.

Bananas are among the cheapest and most portable fruit out there. Not to mention when they are about to go brown you can make banana bread.

Like apples, grapes can be hit or miss price wise. If you can find them cheap then get them because they are delicious, portable, and kids love them.

Cantaloupe doesn’t get as much credit as watermelons, but they are special in their own way. They have all of the qualities that I listed for watermelon, but they both have very different tastes. It could break up the routine a bit.

Just look on the back of a Georgia license plate and you’ll understand that peaches have an important place in Southern culture. In season, they are also pretty cheap, so make sure you have plenty on hand to snack on.

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