Balancing Meals

You’ve heard it time and time again. The key to a proper diet is moderation. Health experts will beat you over the head with this idea. But often it seems like they really haven’t told you how to achieve it. Answers to questions like: What does moderation mean? Or how much is a moderate amount? Or what is a balanced meal? Seem to get thrown by the wayside.

The key to moderation is something that most people tend to do anyway. The key is to create a balanced meal. Most people tend to separate a meal into four parts: meat, vegetables, carbs, and drink. The best drink is water! It has no calories and is needed to live.

Meat, vegetables, and carbs are common categories that we tend to use naturally.  They represent a wide variety of food. Meat provides protein as well as key vitamins and minerals. Vegetables supply fiber and lots of nutrients with little calories. And carbs encompasses starchy vegetables (like potatoes) and grains. Carbs provide calories to help you make it through the day as well and other nutrients not found in vegetables and meat.

Most diets exist to help you balance these three food types. I’ve posted articles on American Heart Association recommendations and Mediterranean Diet recommendations if you want more details on proven diets. A good rule of thumb is to have one-half of your plate covered in vegetables and fruits. One-fourth of your plate should be carbs like potatoes, pasta, and bread. And the final one-fourth of your plate should be meat. I know many of us are used to having meat headline our plates. But you will find that it is tastier, cheaper, and healthier to give it a smaller role.

The plate above shows you how much of each food type you should shoot for. What you eat each day might be different, but always aim for this balance. Do you think you can eat a balanced meal? Do you think it’ll be hard to eat a balanced meal? Give it a try for one week and see how you feel. It might help if you plan your meals out in advance. Click here to check out the meal planning section to learn more.

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