10 Ways to Make Cooking Fun

All of us have those days when we don’t feel like cooking dinner. Maybe we’re just really tired or maybe we just don’t feel like cleaning up after ourselves. Well, here are 10 tips for making cooking fun!

1. Play Music. Listen to your favorite music. It doesn’t matter if you’re listening to Kenny Chesney to relax or J. Cole to hype yourself up, music is always a great form of therapy. Singing and dancing while you cook is guaranteed to lift your spirits and make you feel great.

2. Cook with friends, family, or your church group. Cooking with people you care for turns cooking from a chore to a social experience. Gossiping, sharing, and laughing with people that are close to you will make the time fly by.

3. Cook something that you hold a special memory for. Cook a family recipe or something that someone really close to you used to make. You’ll feel connected to those people by the food you used to share.

4. Start with something easy. Nothing is more frustrating than trying to make something extremely difficult. Start with something simple that only has a few steps. That way, you are almost guaranteed to succeed.

5. Have a pet helper. Pets make everything fun, especially cooking. Having your dog bark around the kitchen or your cat stalking along the shelves is guaranteed to keep you entertained while you cook dinner.

6. Give yourself a challenge. If you get bored easily or if you just want to make cooking fun, try giving yourself a challenge. It can be anything from challenging yourself to making the entire dinner in the oven or giving yourself 30 minutes to have dinner completely made.

7. Cook something you never thought you could make. There is nothing more gratifying than making something that you never imagined you could make. I remember the first times I made marshmallows and cheesecake (shhh… those aren’t healthy, but you get the point).

8. Use cooking as your quiet time. After having a stressful day, you might need some quiet time for yourself. Cooking can be your quiet time. Play some calming Jazz, Classic, Country, or R&B music and just let your problems melt away.

9. Make your children or significant other wash the dishes. The one thing that I dislike the most about cooking is cleaning up after myself because it takes so much time and effort. But if someone is cleaning up after you then that is one less stress for you to deal with.

10. Inviting people to try your food makes cooking a celebration. You get to turn the results of your cooking into a social event and you get to have people telling you how great your food tastes. Just don’t let it go to your head, okay?

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