Easy Brown Rice

Brown rice can be a surprisingly hard thing to get right. From personal experience, my first attempts at it were terrible. I just couldn’t seem to get the texture right. Sometimes it would be gummy and mushy. Other times I would burn it. That’s why I came up with this full proof easy brown rice recipe.
Prep: 0 min | Cook: 50 min | Serves 8 (1 cup) | Level: Easy
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2 cups of brown rice
2 tbs of canola oil
4 cups of water


  1. Bring the water to a boil.
  2. In a large pot, stir the canola oil into brown rice.
  3. Add the boiling water to the brown rice. Then simmer the rice on a low to medium-low temperature for 30 minutes. At this point, fold the rice with a large spoon so that the rice on the bottom is now on the top. Continue to cook for 20 minutes. DO NOT STIR OR FOLD RICE OTHER THAN THE TIME MENTIONED.
  4. If there is any water left in the pot, drain the water out of the rice without stirring. Let sit for 10 minutes.
  5. Season lightly with salt and pepper. Serve the easy brown rice! Or store for leftover lunches and dinners.
Calories Fat (G) Sodium (MG)
Total 1440 36 1000
Amount Per Serving 180 4.5 200
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