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These resources will help you connect with others. You can use Healthy Aperture to find recipes and healthy food blogs. Or you can use Youtube videos to hear from people with similar experiences to you. If you’re not interested in hearing other people’s stories, you can watch informative videos on Youtube as well. Post a comment with social media links that you find helpful! We’ll add them to this page for everyone to see.


Healthy ApertureHealthy Aperture

Healthy Aperture is what is commonly called a “food porn” site. It’s a site where food bloggers post their best pictures and recipes. All of the food pics link to health related blogs, so it offers a chance to connect with even more blogs than the ones I have listed. It’s pretty easy to end up wasting hours on Healthy Aperture. Be careful.

Check out the website here .

Pages and Support Groups

Social media pages allow you to learn even more information about heart diseases. Support Groups are a wonderful way to connect with people who are experiencing the same medical issues as you. With the convenience of social media, it’s easier than ever to connect with others. Below are just a few of the resources out there that you can join.

Facebook Pages

Facebook Support Groups

YouTube Videos

As someone who spends hours on Youtube, I can vouch for its addictiveness. But there is more to Youtube than cat videos and watching people get pranked. The people in these health videos are not medical experts, but they are people with very similar experiences to many of you. If you know of any other health videos, send me the link and I will add it to the site.


Living with Heart Disease – My Story
“I wish someone would have told me it was normal to be depressed. I wish someone would have told me it was normal to be scared.”

Living with Heart Disease: Learning about My Condition
“Since the age of 32, I had high blood pressure and it was not well treated.”

Congestive Heart Failure – End of Life
“I was too winded to go out. The truth is I have congestive heart failure and I am on hospice.”

Natasha’s Story: Managing Heart Disease (USA)
“I have idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy with troubles with arrhythmias. Though I have an implanted defibrillator to help with that.”


Heart Disease and African Americans
“All of my life I have been eating wrong. Everyday, my precious grandmother who I loved dearly, fixed porkchop and mustard sandwiches. I grew up every day in school and my formative years eating pork.”

Black People Are Vegans Too – Why I Went Vegan
“I decided to become a vegan because [I have been on a lot of medication].  Physically stress was breaking me down. I began to get mind numbing headaches.”

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