Health is about more than eating right and exercising. It’s also heart disease support. It’s about friends, family, and church. And it’s about connecting with people who have been through similar experiences. This heart disease support section gives you the chance to connect and learn from other people with heart disease.

Learn about cooking healthy from Lauren from ADashOfSoul or about living with diabetes from Biz from MyBizzyKitchen. Browse lots of beautiful photography from Healthy Aperture. Connect with people with heart disease and diabetes by joining a Facebook heart disease support group. Or keep up with the latest information on heart disease and diabetes using Facebook and Twitter.

Trusted Blogs – We have partnered up with a few bloggers who are also committed to having healthy lifestyles. Check them out for recipes and even health stories.
Social Media – Are you active on Facebook or Twitter? Or maybe you just want to see how others are dealing with heart disease or diabetes. Here, you’ll find a ton of links to get you connected with people who want to help support others who are in similar circumstances.

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